ICE Casino is one of the biggest online casinos in the world. Player retention is high because we make sure that our patrons are cared for.

Our reputation precedes us, and we have worked hard to make our casino the go-to place for people who want to relax and enjoy.

Today, we will show you how easy it is to get started with online gaming. All you need, really, is either a desktop or a mobile device. Of course, an internet connection is a must.

ICE Casino Registration

To register, go to our website’s home page. On the upper right-hand corner of your browser, you will see a Sign-Up button. Click that, and then enter the desired information.

In the ICEcasino registration, you need to enter the following information:

  • Email address
  • Desired password
  • Currency

The email address must be active, as we will send you a confirmation email. You need to open that email and click on the confirmation link to activate your account.

For the password, you must make it difficult to guess. Do not use simple passwords. Here are some of the best practices for creating a strong password:

  • At least eight characters
  • Combination of low-case and capital letters
  • Must have numbers and special characters

For the currency, choose from the drop-down. There are at least 20 currency options in ICE Casino registration.

One common problem you will encounter is an issue with the email. If you have already used that email to register before, you must instead attempt to recover your password.


ICE Casino Login

To log in, head to the same homepage. Just beside the blue sign-up button, you will find the ICE Casino login link.

Click that sign-in button, and you will see the login ICE Casino pop-up window. Enter your credentials, and you should find yourself in the casino lobby.

During the sign-up process, you can use social media as a single-sign-on or SSO. Right now, we accept Twitter, Facebook and Google credentials.

Should you opt for social media, you must use the same in the ICEcasino login. What this means is that when you click the sign-in button, you must also click the corresponding social media icon to log in.

To log in on mobile, the process is the same. The sign-in button is in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile device. Once you tap the sign-in button, you will see the same window as you do on a browser.


Creating an account and logging in has never been easier. If you want to get started with your online gaming journey, sign up for an ICE Casino account now. It is completely free, and no credit card is required to access our casino lobby!